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February 07, 2015

By: Leanne Nakashima

Breeder Biography

Knowing a little about a breeder can be helpful

A little research about a breeder's 'previous or extended life' can sometimes offer some interesting insights. Here is a brief description of Richard and Leanne's backgrounds and interests.

Leanne and Richard have a multifaceted background in addition to their many years in the alpaca industry.

Leanne has worked in both art/design and computer electronics. For many years she was a senior lab specialist at IBM. Her journey in the art world has taken her down many paths, including participation in creating hand carved signs for Disney. She is an enthusiastic fiber artist now, finding creative outlet in designing custom alpaca wear and artwork.

Richard practices Patent Law. He is Vice President and head of Intellectual Property for a company in New Jersey that researches and develops cancer antibodies. He works from his home in Oregon by telecommute, with occasional travel to Europe and other parts of the U.S. Richard has been a patent law partner, marine biologist, a college professor, and a cancer researcher.

Leanne and Richard have two young adult daughters. One is an Anthropologist who loves to document her travels with photography. The other daughter recently earned a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is now practicing in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Both Leanne and Richard enjoy daily interaction with their alpacas. They have a great love for the Suri Alpaca and would like to be significant contributors to the industry. Richard serves as Vice President and Leanne completed a term on the Board of Directors for the Alpaca Association of Western Oregon (AAWO).