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Breeder Biography

Knowing a little about a breeder can be helpful

A little research about a breeder's 'previous or extended life' can sometimes offer some interesting insights. Here is a brief description of Leanne's backgrounds and interests.

Leanne has worked in both art/design and computer electronics befo


Why an Alpaca Breed Standard?

A Helpful Guideline for Purchasing and Breeding Suri Alpacas

Would you spend $2,500 on a purebred German Shepherd without reading the breed standard? Well, personally, I'd go read the breed standard first. Then I'd ask the breeder how the dog conforms to the standard.

A breed standard is a tool that hel


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Quality. Honesty. Integrity.

Those three words have been what we have stood by since we started, and we will continue to stand by them for years to come.

Eldora provides courteous service, full satisfaction guarantees, prepurchase exams and f


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